Who is KabirCuisine?

My name is Kabir Kosse (1962). For as long as I can remember, I have had a great interest in nutrition. As a boy I had my own vegetable garden and with an abundance of white cabbage I began by making sauerkraut. Later I worked in bio-dynamic gardening, and there I grew my relationship with the earth, the seasons and nutrition. After years of work as a manager, since 2004, I have been able to express my love for food in the cooking of meals for others. I have worked three years as a chef for Venwoude Centre in Lage Vuursche, Holland. Now I also cook for De Voorde in Lage Zuthem, and at other locations in the Netherlands and for Ecolonie in France. From December 2008, I will be preparing and teaching European vegetarian cuisine for a meditation centre in Nepal.

I prefer to work with and for people who are in the field of awareness development. There I feel at home.