The specialties of KabirCuisine

Vegetarian specialties

Vegetarian meals prepared with as much as possible fresh and organic ingredients are my speciality. My vegetarian cuisine is rich, varied and surprising. This is the experience I like my guests to have. Come and have a taste.

Full care

I like cooking for groups of 15 to 150 people. I like to dress a workshop, retreat or party with meals that perfectly fit. In this way the meal supports the process or activity. You may leave the care of the meals, menu composition, the purchase, preparation and presentation all to me – breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

Fresh and full of flavour

With fresh vegetables and fruit, as far as possible from their own country and in the season, I prepare a delicious, sophisticated and varied vegetarian meal. The taste of my cuisine is full and rich. I choose organic and bio-dynamic products. They have much more flavour, are stronger and they are grown with love.

Fine food

In my food, ingredients can be clearly distinguished and savoured. After all a fennel soup should really taste like fennel. And there’s nothing like freshly baked bread with pure ingredients. It is an art to elevate and accentuate the character of a course. I do so with exquisite herbs and spices and by choosing the method of preparation with awareness.