Vision: Good food at KabirCuisine

Good food is important, everybody knows that. But what is good? Chef Coen Kosse of KabirCuisine has a clear vision of good nutrition. And he is happy to be inspired by your wishes, your ideas and your taste. Here is a peek into the kitchen.

KabirCuisine is cooking in balance

In my kitchen I play with contradictions, and with elements that complement each other. The seasons have their influence. Even colour plays a role. Because who will feel hungry seeing a plate with only white and brown shades? Not me!

Types of vegetables can complement each other well: leaf and root crops, fruit and seed crops put together a balanced meal. Also flavours are complementary, sweet, bitter, salty, sour and sharp. All nuances may be tasted. That is good.

What I also find interesting to play with are the elements fire, water, air and earth. Fire: cooking on high heat, the heat of spices, the passion of the cook. Earth: the strength of a winter root. I bring light and air into the meal with fine herbs like cumin and coriander. And the water element is dominant in casseroles and leaf vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce.

Variation in preparation also makes the meal complete. Do not fry everything, that is far too heavy. Also not all steaming; that does not fill most people. I always make a choice of cooking, blanching, steaming, stewing, baking, deep-frying and roasting. A balanced meal is composed by different methods of cooking.

Finally, I consider ease of digesting the meal. After a ‘heavy’ meal it takes a lot of energy to digest your food, everybody experiences that. Heavy dining is not wise if the program requires an active and clear mind. Ideally a meal supports you in precisely what you have to do.

KabirCuisine is food for body and soul

A good meal feeds your body, soul and spirit; eating can be supportive or just the opposite. Food can offer security or consolation. Good food gives courage and strength, it refreshes the energy. A balanced meal is calm, offers safety, makes people happy. In short, good food is a blessing for the body, a delight for the senses and a feast for the soul.

For truly benevolent cooking a chef needs to weigh a lot. What combinations are mutually reinforcing, and which do not? How do I use fats and oils? What combinations of legumes and cereals do I choose? How do I reach an optimal intake of protein and amino acids? Those kind of things …

Non-refined ready-made

Our digestive system is really not that suitable for the refined products of our western food industry. Often these products are too fatty, too sweet or too salty, or they contain additives witch are burdening of the body. KabirCuisine prefers cooking with low-treated and plain basic ingredients .

KabirCuisine cooks with consciousness

That means: attention to what I do, for whom I cook and with whom I work. I bring awareness to my thoughts and emotions, and my attitude at work. Is it essential for a good meal? For me it is. I cook knowing, that what I create with my hands, is a reflection of my inner being. That also explains my choice for organic products. I look not only to taste and health. I also appreciate the care the growers and producers have for man and nature.

KabirCuisine is cooking with eye and heart

Presentation of the meal and care for the space in which to eat is also an aspect of the meal. A good and varied buffet, a clean and tidy dining room all add to the quality of the meal and the well-being of you and your guest.