Books & Movies


Although there are more cookbooks in my bookcase, these are surely the books where I am now the most inspired. Also, some books on nutrition are certainly worth reading.

‘Pure Vegetarian’ – Peter Berley

A cookbook where I gain much inspiration, with delicious seasonal recipes.

‘Arabesque’ – Claudia Roden

A cookbook on the Moroccan, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine. Written with much love and respect.

‘Voorproefje’ – Ad Maas

Ad is the chef of the ‘deVoorde’ and this book preview is delivered with delicious recipes, pending a full cookbook. This booklet can be obtained via the ‘de Voorde’.

‘The Ayurvedic Cookbook’ – Amadea Morning Star and Urmila Desai

An accessible cookbook with explanations of the Ayurvedic perspective on food and many basic recipes.

“Facts about Fats” – Mary G. Sole

If you always thought that unhealthy saturated fats and unsaturated fats are good, then after reading this book you may have an enriched view of fat. Scientific reading.

‘The truth about food’ – Jill Fullerton-Smith

A book based on the classic BBC series with all kinds of myths and stories about food and food products. Instructive and entertaining.

‘Salt, a world history’ – by Mark Kurlansky

Nice to read the history of salt. Discover how in the past wars where fought about something we now hardly pay any attention.

Hungry Planet: what the world eats‘ – Peter Menzel en Faith D’Aluisio

A book in which 30 families from all over the world are portrayed with the food they consume in a week. Of course the picture is not new. In the wealthy west, there are tables with lots of ready food from the supermarket. The tables of the poor countries are much more sober and consist of mainly basic, fresh food. The book gives a good insight and you feel part of another world.


‘Our Daily Bread’

A documentary about the disconcerting alienation in the current agricultural and horticultural industry. A film which is not spoken, but which also has no words necessary. This simultaneously supports organic farming and the slow food movement.

‘How to cook your live’

A documentary with the promising subtitle ‘Find Nirvana in the kitchen.’ It is an inspiring film that follows Zen teacher and master cook Edward Brown during cooking classes, lectures and meditations.